CMadera® the new wedge made of wood.

CMadera, the new wooden wedge made especially for the installation of interior doors and wooden windows.

Quicker installations

Essential for installation of interior doors and wooden windows.


Leveling in 360º

Easily regulates and levels doors and windows when making installations.

Suitable for all works

Wooden wedges allow you to make installations in new works or renovations. The wedges are suitable for installation with polyurethane, vinyl glue or any other system.

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Here you can buy wooden wedges. Discover volume discounts. The more wedges you buy the cheaper they will be. Access to our store.

Discover more information about wooden wedges

Here you can find more information about the types of wooden wedges that exist as well as their utilities and most frequent uses in the building.

Wedges for doors and windows

Description of wedges made of wood. More frequent use of wedges. Wedges for wooden doors and windows. Wedges for slats.

Installation of interior doors with wooden wedges

Types of wooden doors. Differences between traditional installation and current installation of interior doors. The current installation of wooden doors with wedges.

Installation of wooden windows with wedges and glue.

Types of wooden windows. Structure of windows. Installation of windows with wedges and glue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can wedges be used with polyurethane foam?

The wooden wedges are useful both for the installation of doors and windows with polyurethane foam as well as white glue (vinyl glue). Wedges can also be used in conjunction with foam and glue, as well as dry facilities with staples, nails or lag screws.

Are the wedges suitable for installation of furniture and cabinets?

The wedges can be used to fit or level furniture, in turn, they are tremendously useful when fitting closet modules to work spaces or to wooden frames.

Can wedges be used for leveling slats and frames?

The wedges can be used for the installation and leveling of strips, slats, and wooden structures.

Is it safe to buy through

All purchases are made securely through the Amazon platform. does not save data of any clients on its platform.

Discover CMadera®. The new wedge of wood for building.

Essential for the installation of interior doors and wooden windows.