What are Wooden Wedges?

Wooden wedges are the new web dedicated to the wedges made of wood for the construction. Here you will find all the information needed for the use of wedges made of wood for construction. On the web can learn to use wedges for works of carpentry such as install doors, install windows, place and level battens, and other applications for them works for construction.

Also, in Wooden Wedges, we are distributors of wedges to the through in Wood of Pine Flanders. All our users can buy wedges at the best price and with the best quality.

How is a wedge?

A wedge is a piece made of wood square or rectangular base that extends its height angle, i.e. with triangular prism shape. Is used to make adjustments or fit objects. The measures may vary depending on the task to perform the same. Within wedges made in wood can differentiate two types as regards its manufacturing original without entering in details of measures.

The first would be the manufactured to the thread. The veins of the wood pass from it part more thick of the wedge until the part finer. This wedge is the more common in manufacturing and can use for the installation of doors, the installation of windows, level profiles of wood or for coining against them walls the parquet for creating together of expansion besides others uses. Wedges ripping the problem is that when you install a door or a window, then we have to remove the wedges or cut off the excess with a saw. This latest increase significantly while a person delay in the installation of a door inside or a window.

The second type of wedge would be it’s manufacturing to the through. In this case, the grains and fiber go from side to side of the workpiece, always allowing us to cut the excess material with only a chisel. So remove them the surplus of wood, after adjusting a frame of a door or a frame of a window, is converted into a work fast and clean.
Cuña de madera para puertas

How are our wedges?

From this website we distribute wedges manufactured in pine Flanders, also called pine, pine valsaín, Sweden pine or red pine. Flanders is a wood considered half-light and has a density of between 500 and 540 kg per cubic meter. The different properties of the pine Flanders, together with the price of this material make our wedges accessories essential and cheap at the time to install an interior door or install a window.

Cuñas de madera

The technology of thousands of years ago

The wedge is an of the first simple machines of the humanity. Since ago thousands of years, man has used them to build in wood or metal. This simple device and to his time portable use in different tasks. The use of the manufactured in metal is known still today for splitting logs. You can also see on the edges of various simple machines. One of the clearest examples is the cutting edge of an ax which has the same form. Thus its operation responds to the beginning of the flat inclined. The force applied in part wide is dealt on them flat perpendicular to it generating a power made them ends. We consider in this way which are mechanisms for dividing the force of the impact and create side effects that help to tighten. In the case of them manufactured in metal for splitting trunks, it force applied generates others forces side that united to the edge divided them fibers of form side.

The existence of the wedge predates even the wheel. Possibly it is not a simple machine considered above inventions such as the wheel. But there is that highlight that is a simple device previous to the wheel, and that still brings a crowd of solutions to them different works that are made in construction e even for uses in the life every day. Since it is a machine that is used in many cases to fit a door so that this does not open or close. Or use is also well known to provide a table or Cabinet.


The use of wooden wedges in the building

The use of a wedge can be in it more varied in the building. It is a piece that through its form, triangular prism, to fit building elements as well as fix or temporarily to withstand anything. Thanks a due to the great force that generates perpendicular when entered at a meeting and generates an energy on it. In this way allows us from doing together in pieces of porcelain, to align battens, install carpentry items such as doors and windows, right furniture. We can thus use them to level the battens of a dais for a parquet floor. Also, we can use them to level a wall with furring strips to make a line from that wall with boards. In the construction of wooden houses used for leveling the structures at the time of manufacture partitions. Is could tell that the benefits of the wedges at the date of run works of construction are almost infinite. But we can see a little above the common uses.


Installation of doors and windows

Currently, there are several techniques to install a door or a window. But the reality is that the whole process boils down to fit different pieces of woodworking with a hollow of existing work. These gaps in work can be pre-frames or wall of existing work. When installing a window or a door prior should fit into the hole. To adjust them to the hollow is can do directly with wedges. To the do, it thus managed to adapt the parts quickly. To install a piece of woodworking will have to use also an adhesive. You can use foam of polyurethane or white glue (Polyvinyl acetate). This last can be utilized directly on the wedges at the time of making them facilities doors and windows.

Leveling of slats

Use of wedges is appropriate and recommended to level the placement of slats on walls, floors, and ceilings. Thanks to them we can level the correct placement of slats for work quickly later. Level the slats is useful and necessary in the construction of houses or walls covers. Also for the manufacture of structures, for walls or mounting frames of wood.

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