Wooden windows installations.

Wooden windows styles.

For the installation of windows of wood will use them same methods that have, from wedges of wood, to install the doors of inside.

  1. Window to the French or to the English. Nowadays they tend to call it also hinged window. In the case of the window French is of an or two leaves hinged towards the inside of the cockpit. This window is more familiar and usually the more popular. Window crisp is a window just like the French, but the leaves are hinged outward. These windows are the old windows of wood that built the English and the German in the middle ages.
  2. Flip-up window. It is the window that is horizontally balanced on lateral pivots. The upper part of the window opens inward while the bottom of the window on the axis of the window frame.
  3. Window pivot. This window is balanced vertically on hardware located at the top and on the inside. One of the sides of the window moves outward in its opening, and the other end moves toward the inside.
  4. Window tilt and turn. It is a window that allows you to fold the sheet as the pull-down window. To your time changing the position of the window is converts in a window to the French. This is a window of a single sheet.
  5. Window overhead. It is similar to the flip-up window, but this time the upper part of the window moves to the towards abroad in its opening.
  6. Sliding window. It is currently one of the most common. It is a sheet of a minimum of 2 layers that move laterally on the window frames via some bearings and guides.
  7. The window of a guillotine. Window sheets slide vertically (one behind the other) to open.
  8. Window to the Italian. In this case, it is a folding and sliding window by the uprights of the frame that guide them. Is composed of an or several leaves that are fastened with cranks that are open towards the outside.
  9. Canadian window. This window uses a system equal to the Italian but works to the reverse. The leaves are changing of cranks that are open towards the inside.
  10. Window to the Australian. It consists of two sheets offset with supports maneuvering by horizontal rotation. The leaves are moving of form similar to the window Canadian.
  11. Folding window. Sheets move as in sliding windows but in its opening one of the edges of the leaves move inland. So the leaves are and on another to a side of the frame of the window in its opening.
Instalacion de ventanas de madera

Window French

The structure of the window

In general, we can say that a window is no more than a glass (or blind) wood frame inserted into a wooden frame. Here also we can distinguish the difference between the installation traditional and the installation current. We’ll not specify details of the profiles of wood jambs, recesses, and seals. Only say that the patterns of wood tend to be stable preferably of conifers or tropical woods. Currently, it more used is the pine and the iroko. Despite the fact that there is a significant amount of timber that can be employed for the manufacture of windows. They were formerly made in French oak, pine and other Woods both hardwoods and conifers.

In the traditional installation was placed a direct ring of wood, with rebates, in work. Then the Carpenter fit the leaves of the window, setting them hardware and finally the flashing.

A framework is placed on the current installation of a window. This frame structures, as in the installation of doors, is smooth in your face inside to receive the frame of the window end. So the wall would provide already showing and mounted in an assembly with window leaves, just as happened with the block door.

A set of windows to French

A set of windows to French

Installation of window

As have said, in the facility current of windows the Mason installed a frame frames at the same time that raises the wall of work. This frame is usually a wooden frame shaped by four crossbars and sometimes incorporates other stud or top frame to take the hollow for the blind. Only in the window shutter incorporating.

After installing the frame, frames is when the Carpenter installed the frames of the window on the frame frames, to adjust and to square, the frames can use wedges and tail white or vinyl. We will also use mechanical anchors, as screws that anchor the wall to the frame. It should take into account both the use of the Plumb and the use of the level for the correct installation of the frame.

Espagnolette wooden window

Espagnolette wooden window

Once we have anchored the frame to the pre-frame, pass to mount them leaves of the window and adjust them. It is advisable to do this before you fill the joints between the pre-frame and the frame if it is necessary to rectify the position of the barrier for the correct operation of the leaves.

When the blades are adjusted, and the siege is an anchor is a time to remove the excess of wooden wedges and to fill the joints between the pre-frame and the frame. It is ideal to use a material also to have a good performance against moisture and thermal changes. The more common uses foam of polyurethane. We thus leave sealed the whole to prevent the passage of air and water.

Finally, proceed to the installation of them covers or flashing of the window to cover them together of the frame frames with the pre-frames and them together between the wall of work and the frame structures.

The installation of wooden windows using pre-frames was another industrial revolution at the level of construction. Improved industry is incorporating the possibility of placement with wedges.

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